I Am Clergy

All adults have a responsibility to keep kids safe. However, as a clergy member you have the opportunity to see a family on a regular basis and connect on a deeper level.  You also hold a unique position of confidentiality and counsel for the families you serve.  However, you are also legally responsible for reporting abuse. These two realities often feel in direct conflict with each other.  Other faith organizations faith similar challenges and there are resources to help you navigate this difficult path.  Ultimately, your responsibility to the law and child should dictate your actions.

This topic may seem overwhelming but hopefully if you take the time to be informed by reviewing this website and build skills through online training you will be able to confidently be able to recognize, report and respond to child abuse and neglect.  Not only that, you will find tools that can help you prevent abuse by training your community, taking protective measures, and starting an open dialogue about this issue.

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