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In December of 2011, Public Safety Chief Mike Butler approached LEVI (Longmont Ending Violence Initiative) staff regarding the issue of child sexual abuse in the community. The LEVI organization has been in existence since 1999 and has established a successful coordinated community-wide awareness and response to domestic violence. Due to the similarity and overlap of domestic violence and child sexual abuse in terms of secrecy, perpetrators and prevention messaging, Chief Butler wanted LEVI to consider a similar project on the issue of child sexual abuse.

In April of 2012, LEVI convened a steering committee to research and explore the possibility of a collaborative approach to increasing awareness, educating the public, and addressing gaps as they relate to child sexual abuse. Committee members included Blue Sky Bridge, The Department of Health & Human Services, Mental Health Partners, Longmont Police Department Persons Crimes Detectives, Victim Services and at-large community members.

In February of 2013 work on the steering committee had progressed to the point where the major strategic challenges were identified and some loose approaches to address those challenges were formulated. At this point, LEVI sought and was awarded a Justice Assistance Grant to fund the effort (named Project Pinwheel) the first planning year of the grant began in November of 2013.

The project was so successful that in the fall of 2017, as the grant award period ended, the steering committee decided to expand the effort throughout Boulder County.  A new steering committee was formed including wider representation from law enforcement, prosecution, human services and public education.


Project Pinwheel seeks to prevent & reduce child sexual abuse in our community through a collaboration of professional agencies committed to  greater awareness, education, information sharing, outreach, and the reduction of any gaps in service.

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