I Am A Parent/Family Member

All adults have a responsibility to keep kids safe. However, as a parent or family member the weight of that responsibility falls squarely on you. When it comes to protecting children from sexual abuse, it is natural to feel overwhelmed but don’t let fear drive you to inaction. Channel that negative feeling into something positive by becoming informed. Make a commitment to use the trusting, loving and supportive relationship you have formed with your child to protect them from abuse.

One of the most common questions parents/caregivers ask is what to do if they suspect abuse. If you think a child may have been sexually abused, it is okay to talk to the child about it. You may first want to be prepared by reviewing the handling disclosures and other sections of this website. You can ask children directly if anyone has touched their bodies in a way that they did not like or has forced them to do things they didn’t want to do. Be sure to listen, not lead.

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 Warning Signs of Abuse

 Sexual Behaviors in Kids

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