What is a Mandatory Reporter?

Every adult involved in the life of a child plays a vital role in helping maintain that child’s safety. Some adults, however, have a legal responsibility to protect children. Adults that fall in to this category are called mandated reporters. In other words, the law mandates (requires) certain individuals to report any suspected abuse or neglect of a child to authorities. Not doing so is a crime and can result in penalties and jail time. In general mandated reporters are adults who have contact with kids in a professional capacity. Examples include; teachers, coaches, physicians, counselors, clergy and many others. Wondering if you are a mandated reporter? For a complete list, click HERE.

Regardless of whether you are a mandated reporter or not, you have a moral obligation to report. Making that tough call make take courage but remember, as long as you have a reasonable suspicion, the law protects you from civil harm….even if it turns out you are wrong.


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